Shoe Decorating Information

Finding the perfect wedding shoes can be just as challenging as finding your dress, so at MyGlassSlipper.com we like to give our customers the opportunity to create their own one-of-a-kind wedding shoes through our custom decorating options. Perhaps your dress has pearls, crystals, or some intricate beading that you would like to compliment with your shoes, or maybe you just want your shoes to make a statement. With our growing variety of over 75 decorations, you are likely to find something that will be the perfect complement to your dress! Since most of our shoes are dyeable, you can also customize the color of your decorated shoes. See shoe dyeing information here.

Time it takes to decorate your shoes:

If the shoes you order are in stock, it typically takes about 2-3 business days to apply the decoration. If the shoes you order are not in stock, just add 2-3 business days on to the delivery time stated on your order. For example, if your shoes have a 1-2 week delivery time, please allow 2-3 additional business days for the decoration application. Any upgraded shipping will apply after this time.

Options for decorating your shoes:

When ordering your shoes you will get the option to attach the decoration now or later.
Attach Now -If you select this option the decoration will be attached to your shoes before they ship. Please allow 2-3 business days after your order is placed for your items to ship.
Attach Later - If you select this option you are purchasing both the shoes and the decoration, but the decoration included will remain unattached. This allows you to try on the shoes before committing to a decorated shoe, and allows you to ensure that the fit, comfort, and look of the shoes/decoration are to your liking. If you decide you would like the decoration attached after trying on the shoes, all you need to do is send them back to us and we will attach the decoration for a $12 fee with no additional shipping charges.

Please send them to:
My Glass Slipper

504 Big Bear Blvd.

Suite C

Columbia, MO 65202

Please include a copy of your order inside the package along with a note indicating that you would like the decoration attached. If you are attaching a decoration to a shoe that we do not already have featured on the website, or if you would like the decoration attached in a different place than shown, please include instructions or a photo of where you would like the decoration attached to the shoe. If you have special instructions, you may also wish to include contact information in the event that any questions arise.

Attachment Fees:

There is no additional cost to have the decorations permanently attached to the shoes if you do the attach now option. You will pay for the shoes, decorations, and the shipping charges. See shipping information here.If you opt to attach later, and try the shoes on then send them back to be decorated there will be a $12 decoration fee.

Process for decorating shoes that are not already featured on our website:

You are more than welcome to customize your wedding shoes with any of the decorations we offer even if they are not shown together on the website. You will need to call us at (573) 256-1931 to place your order so that we can verify the decoration is able to fit on the shoe you are wanting, and to verify the placement of the decoration.

Please keep in mind that once the decoration is attached the shoes are non-returnable. So if you are unsure of your size or how they will look we recommend our Attach Later option. See our return policy here

For any further questions regarding our decorating process or policy call us at (573-256-1931 or email us at ShoeDeco@MyGlassSlipper.com