Shoe Decorations

Before you proceed with your order, please review the shoe decoration information below.

You have just selected to attach your decoration NOW or LATER. Please note that once the decoration is permanently applied to the shoe, the handcrafted, custom shoe is no longer returnable.

To reduce risk of getting a customized shoe that is uncomfortable or simply the wrong size, we suggest you do not have the decoration attached to the shoe beforehand. You can request to have the decorations sent with the shoe but not attached (Attach_Later). This way you can try on the shoes to be sure they fit before having the decoration attached. Once you have confirmed the shoes fit, you can return the shoes and decoration to be attached and sent back to you. We attach the decoration for free but you are responsible for shipping charges.

As a reminder

Attach Now:
If you select to have your shoes decorated in advance this option is certainly faster but there is more risk involved. You can select to have the decoration applied to the shoe before they are shipped. If you choose this option, the handcrafted, completely customized, decorated shoes cannot be returned or exchanged. Only select this option if you are certain of how the shoe will fit.

Attach Later:
If you order the shoes and the decoration unattached you will get to see the decoration in person and try on the shoes to make sure they fit. Once you know the proper sizing, you can send the shoes and decoration back to be permanently attached at our warehouse. When opting to use the attach later option there is a $12 attachment fee, applied at the time the decoration is attached.

Additional information
In a few cases, the shoes we have chosen to offer with decorations have originally come with a different decoration at the toe of the shoe. If you choose to attach the decoration later, the shoes and decoration will be sent to you unattached. You will notice a few stitch marks or flaws at the toe of your wedding shoes. Any errors you can see will be completely covered up with your unique decoration should you choose to have it attached at a later date.

Our decorations are professionally secured to our shoes however; they are hand-made ornaments and should always be handled with care.

If you still have questions after reading the information above, please send us an email at or call us at 573-256-1931.