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Wedding Flats

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Flat bridal shoes are great not only for the reception, but the ceremony as well. As a bride on your wedding day you will be on your feet most, if not all day.  Spending all that time on your feet is sure to make them a little sore, but flats help provide optimal comfort for you all day. We offer a variety of flats from sandals, ballet flats, and peep toe flats you are guaranteed to find something that fits your style.  Flats are especially great for outdoor and beach weddings where heels can make it a challenge to walk.


No need to be concerned about the aesthetic of flats with your wedding dress, as most gowns tend to cover the shoes entirely.  If you do want to show of your shoes, we have many flats that will make a statement of their own.  Benjamin Adams has multiple sparkly flats. Betsey Johnson and Badgley Mischka have some darling flats with gorgeous embellishments. You won't have to sacrafice a bit of style by choosing a flat wedding shoe. While some brides may still want to go with a high heel for their big day, consider choosing a flat for the ceremony or the reception to give your feet some relief.