Clarke by Something Bleu
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Clarke by Something Bleu Clarke by Something Bleu Clarke by Something Bleu  
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Clarke by Something Bleu

was $260, now $79
Bullet 1 : 
4 1/4 inch heel height
Bullet 2 : 
Not dyeable
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Sizes: 5.5-10
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Heel Height: 4 1/4 inches

Looking for a simple, but elegant wedding shoe? Take a look at the Clarke by Something Bleu. The heel height reaches about 4 1/4 inches but with the platform, it doesn't feel like such a high arch. The platform will also make the ball of your feet more comfortable. If you love this style but want a more mid-sized heel try the Charisma, also by Something Bleu.
Decorated Bridal Shoes

The days of boring bridal shoes are over! My Glass Slipper is proud to introduce our line of custom decorated wedding shoes. Now you can take a plain shoe and customize it to your taste for your special day. The wedding shoe decorations range from beaded flowers of pearls and stones to large crystals to organza flowers. With more than 60 different options that you can also order separately, there is something for everyone. Each of the beautiful decorations is carefully attached by hand here at the BridalShoes.com facility. We take pride in being the only customizable wedding shoe website in the world! We encourage you to read the rest of the information about our customizable bridal shoes below.

How to Order

You have two options when ordering your decorated bridal shoes.

1. Try on the shoes first
Once the decoration is applied to the shoes, the handcrafted, custom shoes are no longer returnable. To reduce risk of getting a customized bridal shoe that is not the right color or size for you, we suggest you order the shoes without the decoration attached. When ordering, you can select to have the decorations sent with the shoes but not attached (Attach Later). This way you can try on the shoes to make sure the color and size are right before having the decoration attached. Once you have confirmed the color and size, you can return the shoes and decoration to be attached and sent back to you. Using this option there is a $12 attachment fee, which is charged at the time the decoration is attached.

2. Decorate in advance
This option is certainly faster but there is more risk involved. You can select to have the decoration applied to the shoes before they are shipped (Attach Now). If you choose this option, the handcrafted, completely customized, decorated bridal shoes cannot be returned or exchanged. Select this option only if you are certain of how the shoes will fit. There is no attachment fee with this option.
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